About Us:

We are the team behind the wildly successful and sometimes dangerous Spirit House Tours.

In a minute we will get to "About You" - our goal was to create unique adventures in India and Asia that take in all the big sights plus a dollop of history and then wrap all that with amazing food, drinks and trendy shopping precincts and other secrets that only a local would know. 

No hotel buffets or hopping on and off a tourist bus . . . we get in amongst the action:

. . . and yes, you get to see the Taj Mahal, Bagan, Angkor Wat and the other "bucket list" items.

About You


You are happy to do some walking, put on a mask and swim with a manta ray, walk a jungle track to a temple . . . but wouldn't mind a hot shower, air-conditioned room and an ice-cold beer/wine when all that is over.

On our Hosted Trips:

You are probably 50+ have a zest for life and adventure and wouldn't normally go on a group tour.

You also play well with others and wouldn't mind the opportunity to spend 10 to 12 days with 6 other like-minded people

In short, frienwedships are made and there are lots of laughs - it's like a group of friends travelling together.

WPrivate Trips:

If you can't make it on one of our hosted tours, we can organise a similar itinerary and you and some friends or family can share the adventure together.

From grandparents wanting to take their children and grand children on a private sailing adventure in the Komodo Islands to a fantastic shopping, food and photos trip to India . . . we can organise a trip that ticks all your boxes.





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